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Arholma is an island in Stockholm´s northen archipelago and is a place where lots of people go back to year after year to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. The hostel is located in an old farmhouse in the middle of the island sorrunded by fields.

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On Arholma you stroll around on small roads without cars, take a turn on a small path to enjoy the woods or walk down the path further and you will reach the sea. You can hear the sea from every direction and people have travelled for almost 100 years to stay boardinghouses to enjoy clean air from the sea.

Whenever in the year you want to come, there is things to do: in spring, walk around and see nature come alive, birds singing and leaves unfold. Summertime you can swim, sunbathing on warm, smooth rocks. In Fall you can go mushroompicking or listen to the storms at sea. In Winter you can go skiing and afterwards enjoy a cosy fire and a warm drink.


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